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Nikon Speedlight Handbook:
Flash Techniques for Digital Photographers

Author Stephanie Zettl teaches teaches you how to use the Nikon Speedlight flash system.
Learn expert techniques to direct and shape light in order to create mood, shape, texture,
and color to make your photographs dynamic and visually interesting. 102 minutes.

Master Lighting Guide For Portrait Photographers

Master photographer Christopher Grey teaches portrait lighting from start to finish, showing
you how to control light effectively for unmatched results. 82 minutes.


Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head to Toe Guide

Author Jeff Smith teaches surefire techniques for achieving flattering poses, with step-by-step
techniques for positioning the entire body - head, shoulders, arms, hands, bust, waist,
hips, thighs, and feet. 70 minutes.


Boutique Baby Photography:
The Digital Photographer's Guide to Success in Maternity and Baby Portraiture

Author Mimika Cooney shows you how to attract maternity and baby portrait clients. Her powerful
marketing strategies and techniques will help you stand out from the competition and
increase profits. 70 minutes.


Behind the Shutter: The Digital Wedding Photographer's Guide to Financial Success

Let author Salvatore Cincotta teach you no-nonsense approaches to establishing and maintaining
a profitable photography business. You'll learn how to make a good living doing what
you love! 95 minutes.

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