Lighting for People Photography

Lighting for People Photography

Learn the secrets of lighting for people photography. Step-by-step exercises show you how to control and modify any type of lighting. This book will help you to achieve consistent, outstanding results in your photography. You'll learn how to: control light in any situation, get consistent and accurate color, master natural and strobe lighting, mix lighting effectively, and modify light using reflectors, mirrors, filters and gels. List Price- $29.95.

REVIEW: “A good, basic manual for the photographer interested in learning how to light for portraiture.”

   COLOR TEMPERATURE: “The common expression of a light's color and quality is measured in terms of Kelvin degrees and called the color temperature. The color temperature of light depends on its source. Anything the light passes through or bounces of can also affect the color temperature. Differences may not be apparent to the human eye, but will be very apparent on film.”
   LENS FLARE: “Lens flare is caused by source light directly striking the front element of the lens. Flare decreases contrast and desaturates color.”
   NATURAL LIGHT: “One of the most difficult aspects of working with natural light is the inability to control the light source. Another dilemma that occurs is the continuous moving and changing quality of the source. Because of this, careful planning must be done for set-ups. If the set up takes too long, the entire scene may have to be shifted to compensate for the sun's movement.”
   REMBRANDT LIGHTING: “This lighting pattern illuminates the subject's face from a 45-degree angle to one side, and creates strong shadows. Using this lighting pattern divides the face into two sides and gives shape and depth to the model's features.”

SPECS: 8.5 X11, paperback, over 100 color and b&w photos, 112 pages, index, illustrations, diagrams

Stephen Crain is a professional photographer with a Masters degree from the Brooks Institute of Photography.

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