Swimsuit Model Photography

Swimsuit Model Photography

This colorful book is the complete guide to swimsuit model photography. Includes information on: finding models, selecting equipment, posing, backgrounds, using props and much more. List Price- $29.95.

    MODEL SCOUTING: “Try to meet potential models in mutually acceptable open locations where you can become acquainted and talk business. Don't look for models or meet to talk business with them in bars or similar entertainment places. If you see someone who is perfect, tell them who you are, hand them your card, and leave. If they are interested, you will get a call.”
    SETTING GOALS: “What is the goal of your swimsuit model shooting? Do you want to feature a model, her face, her figure or the swimsuit? Do you want to showcase a location, or background, in which the model only adds perspective? Do you want to feature props, or fashions, that might be used in advertising? You may even want all of these as the primary subject. These goals should be your first consideration as you approach a shooting session.”
    LOCATION PLANNING: “There are many ideal locations for swimsuit model photography (Hawaii, Mexico, and Australia immediately come to mind), but even if you are only shooting a few miles from home, the more that's known and planned in advance, the better. Five or six months isn't too early to begin scheduling and locations scouting for a swimsuit model shoot.”
    MAKEUP “Proper makeup and hair style contribute to the success of a photo session by enhancing the look of your talent. Improper use, on the other hand, will only reduce the quality of your images. In general, over the counter make-up is usually enough for most photo sessions, but because swimsuit models tend to get wet sooner or later, waterproof makeup is a must.”

SPECS: 8.5 X11, paperback, over 100 b&w and color photos, 112 pgs, index

Cliff and Nancy Hollenbeck specialize in editorial and commercial image making throughout the world. Cliff has twice been named “Travel Photographer of the Year” by the American Travel Writers. The Hollenbecks' film company, which specializes in subjects similar to their still photography, has received gold medals at both the International Film Festivals in Chicago and New York as well as several Tellys for Travel and Tourism Sales Programs and Commercials.

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