Black & White Portrait Photography

Black & White Portrait Photography

Perfect for beginning or intermediate photographers who want to improve their skills.

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SEEING IN B&W: "Anyone who has ever watched a b&w movie on television, then switched to a color channel, can tell you that one medium is distinctly different from another. You must learn to see the world in b&w, and help your clients to do the same. Color film records form, while b&w film records contrast. For example, a scene with middle grey tones will not look interesting in b&w because there are no strong blacks or whites to give it contrast. The grays look muddy without those areas of contrast."
CLOTHING CHOICE: "A successful b&w portrait begins with the clothing. You can pour all of your energy into photographing a beautiful subject under ideal lighting conditions at a stunning location, but the image will be ruined without the correct clothing. Be prepared to offer your subjects specific guidelines."
BUSINESS PORTRAITS: "The 'head shot' is the most basic studio portrait lighting technique, and knowing the correct way to pose and light a head-and-shoulders subject should be the foundation of your studio portrait skills. Always ask what the subject is going to use the photographs for. Business card photos, for example, are typically placed in the upper left corner of the card. Therefore, the subject needs to be looking into the card - and to be photographed facing left."
AVAILABLE LIGHT OUTDOORS: "Using available light outdoors is, of course, the ideal for photographers. Instead of fiddling with equipment, the artist can concentrate on the subjects. Timing for the best quality of light varies depending on the location, but you will almost certainly be getting up early and staying up late."

SPECS: 8.5 X 11, paperback, over 150b&w photos, 128 pgs, index

Helen Boursier has operated a portrait studio since 1983. She works exclusively with black and white portraits of families and children.

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