Family Portrait Photography

Family Portrait Photography

Take great family portraits and market your work. Includes: posing, lighting, working with clients, shooting on location, attracting business, running promotions and presenting your portraits effectively. List Price- $29.95.

REVIEWS: “...a virtual clip book of ideas about poses for groups.”
Photo District News

“Highly recommended.”
Library Journal

   PROPS: "Using props within the photographic images is an area where photographers have very strong, and often opposite, viewpoints. When I must use something other than people, I prefer to use props readily available within the location, whether it's a front porch, a tree, the side of a hill or a sand dune. Since these elements are already part of the landscape, they are natural for people to sit or stand on, or to lean against."
   AVAILABLE LIGHT: "Professional Photographer Ed Lilley begins photographing 2.5 hours before sunset. Lilley says the perfect light comes on a humid night with a heavy haze. 'If you can look directly at the sun and not burn your eyes, you've got good light,' he says. Then he uses the sun as a main light source directly into the subject's face, or slightly off to an angle."
   CLOTHING: "Ask the client to describe the clothing she is thinking of having her family wear for the portrait. If she has not yet decided, ask her what she wants to wear, and help her make decisions from there. My goal with clothing is to make it almost neutral. I don't want clothing that is so trendy it will be out of style the next year, nor do I want it so 'busy' it detracts from the faces. "
   CHILDREN: "When younger children do not want to be photographed, it is often because they are showing off for their parents. The first thing to do is reassure the mother not to worry. If she does not get stressed out over her child's behavior, the bad behavior will often go away."

SPECS: 8.5 X 11, paperback, over 50 b&w and color photos, 120 pgs, index

AUTHOR: Helen Boursier has operated a portrait studio since 1983. She works exclusively with black and white portraits of families and children.

  Black & White Portrait Photography
  Photographing Children in Black and White
  Marketing and Selling Black & White Portrait Photography
  Watercolor Portrait Photography: The Art of Manipulating Polaroid SX-70 Images
  Photographers and Their Studios

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