Stock Photography

Stock Photography

Renowned stock photographer Ulrike Welsch teaches you how to take the images that will find a market in the highly competitive world of stock photography. Covers: travel tips, composition, selecting subjects, and defining your market.

REVIEW: “One could learn much from studying [Ulrike Welsch’s] style. Hey, maybe that’s why she wrote the book. Know what? I’m glad she did.”

    APPROACHING SUBJECTS: “To me, the attitude towards a person is important. I try to stress a positive angle. If I don't dare stick a model release under their nose right away, but think the photo may be nice, I ask for the subject's address in order to send them a picture later. It is wiser, though, if you think the image has great potential, to have them sign the release right away. Some people, even if you include your release with the photo and a self addressed stamped envelope, may not sign and return the release. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!”
    SELLING STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: “The selection process of a photo happens in many ways. If a publisher already knows me, I may receive a call or fax with a list of needed images. This is called the spec-list. Often specs are conceptual and I have to think creatively about the project and whatever guidelines I may have to try to select appropriate images. Sometimes editors and researchers don't exactly know what they are looking for, yet they are looking for something very specific. Then I try to use my imagination and really rack my brain to decide what image could possibly satisfy the concept of this particular book.”
    TRACKING USAGE: “Larger stock photo companies may have a policing system which I am unfamiliar with, but as a small business, tracking the usage of a stock image is quite hard to do. One means of assuring that I receive what a photo is worth is to work mainly with established clients. It is best to insist on tear sheets and samples, but still there is no guarantee that an oversight has not occurred. Overall it is an honor system in which knowing your client is quite important.”
    POPULAR AND MEANINGFUL: “With each photograph I try to show something, it may be a mood or a feeling, or a moment captured in time. Many photographers in this world aim for that and many are successful at it too. Some photographers are wizards with equipment, others with their soul. Capturing an essence, a thought or feeling provoking image is a challenge. It takes time being out there, knowing one's equipment, being able to anticipate, having good instincts, and always being on the lookout. I like to communicate, however subtle the thought may be.”

SPECS: 8.5 X11, paperback, over 50 color and b&w photos, 120 pgs, index

Ulrike Welsch is an award-winning photographer who se work for the Boston Globe earned her the title “New England Press Photographer of the Year.” She now works full-time as a stock photographer. Her stock photography images have appeared in Smithsonian, Time, World Paper, and Yankee, as well as in numerous textbooks.

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