Professional Techniques for Digital Wedding Photography, 2nd Edition

Professional Techniques for Digital Wedding Photography, 2nd Edition

Successful wedding photography is about more than just new equipment and creativity. It's about analyzing your competition, establishing your market, and being viewed as an authoritative leader within your industry. This can't be accomplished by remaining in the dark ages—but how do you move forward? In this book, you'll get the skills you need to do just that, making a seamless and profitable transition to digital imaging.

From selecting equipment, to building an efficient digital workflow, to increasing your profits, the authors show you how to make digital work for you.You'll learn how to discuss digital technology with your clients, develop effective marketing strategies, retouch, and even add special effects to your images.

Unraveling the processes needed to implement this new technology, Jeff and Kathleen Hawkins provide the information you need to make digital work for you—whether you've already begun the transition or are taking your first steps!


*Building an efficient workflow

*How to make a plan, sharpen your skills, and start using digital to your advantage

*Selecting digital equipment

*Digital proofing techniques for presenting your images

SPECS: 8.5 X 11, paperback, 130 color photos, 112 pgs, ISNB-13: 978-1-58428-110-8

Jeff Hawkins has been a professional photographer for nearly twenty years. He took the leap into the millennium by becoming the first photographer in his region to make the digital transition with his upscale weddings.

Kathleen Hawkins taught Business Administration as a university professor, and has proudly helped to develop the wedding industry in her community, serving as the President of the Wedding Professionals of Central Florida (WPCF).

   Professional Marketing & Selling Techniques for Wedding Photographers
   Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography

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