Into Your Digital Darkroom Step By Step

Into Your Digital Darkroom Step By Step

Coax the very best qualities out of every digital and film image with the techniques in this book. With these simple instructions, you’ll quickly learn to produce effective image enhancements without wading through complex techniques for wild special effects and design tasks never intended for use by photographers. Written by a photographer, for photographers, this book teaches all of the indispensable techniques you’ll need to refine and output top-notch photographers time and again.

Perfect for practitioners of every genre of photography and of any experience level, this guide begins with a look at how to select the necessary hardware and software. You’ll also investigate the qualities of a digital image, including resolution, file size, file formats. Next, you’ll use downloadable images to gain hands-on experience in color correction, montage creation, retouching, tinting images, and repairing damaged images. From start to finish, this book offers the tools you'll need to polish each image for the best possible results.

SPECS:8.5 X 11, paperback, 300 color images, 128 pages, ISBN: 1584281464

Peter Cope is the author of many photography books.

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