Understanding and Controlling Strobe Lighting: A Guide for Digital Photographers

Understanding and Controlling Strobe Lighting: A Guide for Digital Photographers

By simplifying the process of designing effective strobe-lighting setups for portraits, architecture, still-life images, and more, this thorough guide gives photographers the opportunity to be creative and dramatic in their choice of lighting techniques. In order to help photographers avoid being intimidated and overwhelmed by strobe lighting, this book lays out a process and lists the tools needed to control this light source. Topics such as obtaining the right exposure, determining the correct camera settings, creating one-light images, and achieving a balance between multiple light sources are covered, as is Ansel Adams’ theory of previsualization. Exploring the quality, quantity, value, versatility, and ease of use of a variety of modifiers, this indispensable handbook includes helpful hints as to how to photograph specific subjects. It also explains the tools that will produce the best results, from standard lighting equipment to unique light sources such as laptops, flashlights, and slide projectors.

About the Author
John Siskin is a photography instructor and a fine art and commercial photographer whose work has been published in a number of magazines including View Camera, Photo Technique, and Shutterbug. He lives in Agua Dulce, California.

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