Doug Box's Flash Photography: On- and Off- Camera Techniques for Digital Photographers

Doug Box's Flash Photography: On- and Off- Camera Techniques for Digital Photographers

Offering an in-depth look at the camera controls that come into play when using an off-camera flash—including radio slave, optical triggers, wired flash communication, and more—this photography resource gives step-by-step instructions for producing expertly lit portraits and wedding photographs in every imaginable lighting scenario. Using succinct, simple language in tandem with lighting diagrams and case studies, this guide offers discussions on creating expert lighting patterns for individuals and groups, on location, outdoors, in a client’s home, or in the studio. Professionals and advanced amateurs will grow in terms of technique and artistry with the help of this user-friendly manual.

About the Author
Doug Box is a professional portrait and wedding photographer, a lecturer, and the author of Professional Secrets for Photographing Children, Professional Secrets of Natural Light Portrait Photography, and Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography. He lives in Caldwell, Texas.

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