Nikon Speedlight Handbook

Nikon Speedlight Handbook

by Stephanie Zettl

Debunking the common misconception that a flash is only necessary in low-light situations, this guidebook provides professional instruction on how to properly direct and shape light in order to marshal mood, shape, texture, and color to make photographs more dynamic and visually interesting. Beginning with an introduction to the basic characteristics of light—the quality and diffusion of light, the direction of the light, and the color of the light—this work goes on to discuss aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and their relation to Nikon flash systems. After mastering these fundamentals, this book discusses how to use Nikon flashes, how to modify the light from flashes, and what subject matter looks good in different lighting situations. Sequential shots are paired with descriptive text and pull-back images allow for easy understanding of this important element to capturing lasting images.

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