Lighting Essentials: Lighting for Texture, Contrast, and Dimension in Digital Photography

Lighting Essentials: Lighting for Texture, Contrast, and Dimension in Digital Photography

by Don Giannatti

The core goal of photography is representing subjects that have depth and texture in a medium that inherently lacks both those qualities, and this book shows the best way to rise to that challenge: through the careful application and capture of lighting. It demonstrates how to accentuate or minimize textures, add or subtract highlights, and create or combat shadows to showcase the subjects in the best way and create the illusion of a third dimension in the images. Exploring techniques for lighting portraits, still-life subjects, nature images, and architectural shots, both studio and location lighting are covered in detail. The book teaches photographers how to study their subjects—with all of the textures, colors, shapes, and surfaces they have—then visualize the image as a finished photograph before the photography actually begins. With chapters that thoroughly cover the science of lighting and visualization, photographers can apply that knowledge and successfully create artful images.

"Once again Don has proven that when it comes to lighting, he is in a league of his own. Don's workshops are legendary, and now with this book, everyone can see why he is such a great teacher. I've known Don for many years. He has always been a great photographer, one of the best. The last couple of years he has been teaching Lighting workshops all over the world. This book is his workshop and then some. I would recommend this book to any photographer that wants to learn lighting from one of the best."
Steve Burger

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