Flash Photography: Studio and Location Techniques for Digital Photographers

Flash Photography: Studio and Location Techniques for Digital Photographers

by Barry Staver

Detailing the many uses of the most important component of any photograph—light—this handbook shows readers how to infuse a still frame with emotion, action, and other storytelling qualities that define great photography. Professional photographer Barry Staver explores professional techniques for designing effective lighting setups with flash by beginning with an overview of fundamental techniques, then teaching readers how to go beyond the basics and refine their images to perfection through the careful addition of flash. Applications of each of the three major categories of flash equipment are covered, first with electronic flash techniques for location shoots, then mid-range strobes for studio work and location shots, and finally heavy-duty strobes that provide the ultimate in power and control for studio photography. Additional aspects of light instruction include balancing flash with ambient lighting and choosing and using light modifiers, as well as a bevy of before-and-after images to help photographers cover all of their lighting options and know how they can be implemented to their greatest effect.

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