Master the challenges of commercial portrait lighting in the studio and on location.

Learn to create the elegant drama of classic Hollywood portraits.

Jump start your speedlight photography for better portraits and a more efficient workflow.

Take your shooting skills to the next level and go from picture-taker to image creator.

Learn to make real women look great and feel empowered!

Create more compelling images with these standout approaches to design and composition.

Plan for profit- and learn how to take your photography business to the next level!

Unleash the power of your iPhone - and your creative vision.

Get lighting insights and design secrets from one of the world's top portrait artists.

Maximize the interplay of lighting, scene, and subject to create breathtaking images.

Develop pricing strategies to ensure profitability and long-term success.

Take nude photography in exciting new directions with these unexpected techniques.

Build your business photographing evidence for civil cases.

Explore the creative and professional secrets of top wedding photographers.

Design more creative and compelling images of any scene or subject.

Learn to see familiar subjects in unfamiliar ways- and capture artistic images of these tiny worlds.

Expert tips to improve every facet of your glamour photography.

Use mobile technology to work more efficiently and effectively from shooting to postproduction.

Capture more personalized and meaningful portraits of couples.

Expand your creative vision and bring more inventive portraits to life.

Master creative strategies to enhance every aspect of your portrait photography.

Design compelling lighting in any environment and shoot unforgettable portraits.

Learn to create money-making images and build a successful career.

Professional advice and creative approaches from the best in the business.

Idealize the human form and create more flattering portraits of any subject.

Surpisingly simple lighting techniques for sophisticated images.

Create more memorable and personalized images for every couple.

Jump-start your speedlight portraiture for better sales and more creative results.

Master the challenges of beach portraiture and create client-pleasing images.

Create the high-impact images savy models, editors, and designers demand.

Learn to design beautiful portraits- and a more profitable business.

Master the language of lighting for better depth, dimension, and storytelling in your images.

Brett Florens takes you through one complete wedding- start to finish.

Learn how to create the captivating images today's couples demand.

Use light, color, and dimension to create dynamic and expressive images.

Learn to capture the unique beauty and personality of each couple's wedding.

Create a complete boudoir experience and irresistibly sexy images.

Learn to design images that families will treasure across the decades.









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